Lease Acquisition

Meadows Oil & Gas Corp. is an industry leader in leasehold acquisition. We employ an aggressive leasing strategy that keeps our clients in the competitive advantage within their respective prospects.  We also have a great deal of experience dealing with the various municipal, state, federal, and tribal agencies across numerous states.

Every acre we lease on behalf of the client is proven through a process of title curative that will culminate in said client paying for the lease knowing that it is accurate and verified.  We have several title attorneys on staff working directly with our lease agents to ensure we deliver marketable leases with clear title.  Curative work aids in simplifying the drilling title opinion and gives clients a peace of mind when paying leasehold bonus checks.  We also offer to handle any and all lease payment 1099s.  As a full service brokerage it is our goal to take care of anything that saves the client time and resources. 
I look forward to the opportunity of a long term successful business relationship with your company.  A bit on my background... I am a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and a Commercial Pilot. I have been in the oil and gas business for 10 years and have worked in almost every aspect of the industry. Our landmen and attorneys are the best in the business. Most have all held in-house positions at some point in their career. We will strive to bring ethical services using the most up to date technology and maintain the highest standards in the industry. On behalf of my staff and myself, we thank you for your business....          
                                                                                                                                 Zach Meadows   

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